Peace Presbyterian Church Staff

Dr. James L. Bailey, II, Pastor
Melanie S. Fuller, Office Administrator
Dr. Linda L. Beckman, Choir Director
Craig Nyhuis, Property Maintenance

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Class of 2017
Donna Berger
Ernest Kabath
Richard Newton
Marilyn Taylor

Class of 2018
William Crawford

Class of 2019

David Heaton
Sandra Hicks
Robert Hochstuhl
Laura South

Class of 2020

Donna Berger
Rick Chalker
John Creswell
Ernest Kabath
Nancy Neild

Dr. James L. Bailey ll
Clerk of Session:
Jane Logan



Chair: John Creswell
Chair: Bob Hochstuhl
Sandy Hicks
John Creswell
Manages church finances, oversees budget and financial matters using acceptable and auditable accounting practices.
Plans and co-ordinates the annual Stewardship Campaign, counts offering,
maintains offering envelopes and pledge cards.

Care & Nurture
Chair: Nancy Neild
Plans and co-ordinates the distribution of: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas food,
Care Kits for LAHIA and vets, back to school supplies, and Heart Sunday events.
Mails cards to home-bound and college students. Serves refreshments after memorial services.

Christian Education
Chair: Bill Crawford
Plans and co-ordinates Sunday School, Bible study classes, teachers, and curriculum.
Oversees nursery and youth group's activities, trips, and fund-raisers.

Creative Fellowship
Chair: Laura South
Plans and co-ordinates all church lunches, dinners, annual picnic, all trips, special events, and Fellowship Hour to promote fellowship opportunities in the church.

Membership Outreach
Chair: Donna Berger
Ensures that the church is advertized and promoted in the community. Responsible for membership recruiting and co-ordination of new members joining the church, including taking new memebers' pictures, delivering altar flowers to ill or home-bound members, co-ordinating sale of ornaments, and the Overseas Photo Directory.

Chair: Bob Hochstuhl
Plans and co-ordinates all local, regional, or international mission trips. Distributes budgeted and non-budgeted funds to various local, national, and international missions. Co-ordinates all speakers for Moment for Mission and plans Missions Dinner.

Nominating & Scholarships
Chair: Rick Chalker
Nominating: Receives nominations for Elders & presents them to the congregation. Scholarship:
Recieves, reviews, and distributes awards for the Burg and Dr. Mac Scholarship funds. Presents scholarships to recipients at their schools, plans and presents awards on Scholarship Sunday.

Chair: John Creswell and Bill Crawford
Care of all staff personnel & coordinates Annual Evaluations, staff job descriptions, hours, vacations, salary, bonuses, and grievances.

Building and Grounds
Chair: Ernie Kabath
Plans, co-ordinates, and executes maintainence and repair of the church building, education building, and upkeep of the grounds. Supervises custodian, use of and approval of use of church buildings and grounds, and church keys.

Chair: Sandy Hicks
Plans co-ordinates, and executes all special services. Co-ordinates Altar Guild, Liturgist, Ushers, Greeters and Acolytes. Maintains all sanctuary and communion supplies, palm crosses, candles, pencils, pads, etc. Opens and closes sanctuary for services. Decorates church for special occasions.

Presbyterian Women
Annetta Rosato

Investment Committee
David Heaton

Treasurer :
Sandy Hicks

Clerk of the Council:
Jane Logan