Worship Through Music

choir rehearsals
Thursday Night 7 PM

Our Director of Music is Dr. Randall McElwain. Dr. McElwain has a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Music and a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Practical Theology. He often plays the piano and organ for our worship services.
Dr. McElwain has served as Director of Music and Choir Director at Peace Presbyterian Church since 2002. Before coming to Peace Presbyterian Dr. McElwain served as Music Director at Aldersgate United Methodist church in Palm City. In addition to serving the Lord through our Music Ministry, he has 25 years of teaching at Hobe Sound Bible College, as well as, 2 years of teaching in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is currently Principle of the Hobe Sound Christian Academy.
Dr. McElwain and his wife, Sue reside in Hobe Sound, Florida and have two adult children, Stacey and Austin. His hobbies include reading and teaching the Bible to pastors overseas in countries like China, New Zealand and Taiwan.

Chancel Choir
Our Choir currently has 35 members who sing soprano, alto, tenor and bass. We have a pianist a guest organist and several of our members provide special music in the form of solos or duets. We also perform a cantata at least once a year and have special music at our Christmas Eve candlelight service, Maundy Thursday, Easter, and Laity Sunday. We are proud of the quality of our music program and the talent of its members. The Choir practices on Thursday evening at 7 pm and Sunday morning at 9 am throughout the season. To join the Chancel Choir contact Dr. Randall McElwain.

Our Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee plans, coordinates and executes all worship services as well has all special services and Communion. We work with members of the congregation to coordinate the Altar Guild, Liturgist, Ushers, Greeters and Acolytes. We maintain the sanctuary and communion supplies, palm crosses, candles, pencils, attendance pads, etc. We open and close the sanctuary for services and decorate the church for special occasions.

Communion at Peace Presbyterian Church
We serve communion the first Sunday of every month and at the Maundy Thursday service (the Thursday between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday). Ours is an open communion for all who have been baptized, have faith, repent and come in faith, repentance and love.  Communion is the sign and seal of eating and drinking in communion with the crucified and risen Lord.  Communion is prepared by the Altar Guild and is served to the congregation, in the pews, by the elders of the church, who have received the trays from our minister.

The Cycle of the Christian Year: A Lesson in Colors and Symbols

The Christian year contains two cycles: The Christmas Cycle (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany) and the Easter Cycle (Lent, Easter, Pentecost). Within each cycle is a preparatory season symbolized by the color purple and a festival season symbolize by the color white. After each cycle there is an ordinary time of growth symbolized by the color green. Thus, there is a sequence of seasons using purple, white, and green in that order twice a year.

            Traditionally purple, representing both royalty and penitence, is used during Advent and Lent.

            Blue symbolizes hope and may also be used during Advent.

            White and gold are used at Christmas and Easter to symbolize joy and festivities.

            Red symbolizes the color of fire to represent the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost and times when the             work of the Holy Spirit is emphasized. During Holy Week if represents the blood of Christ. Red is also             used for ordinations, church anniversaries and civil observances such as Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.

            Green represents growth and is used during Ordinary Time (the season after Epiphany and the season after             Pentecost).

You can see these colors displayed on the cloths covering our altar, the pulpit and the lectern.